Wedding Anniversary Text Greetings and Invitation Messages

A couple will celebrate his 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or even 50 years of marriage? Would you like to wish him a Happy Wedding Anniversary with a beautiful quote or an original humorous or poetic congratulatory

happy anniversary quotes

Are you celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary or your 60th wedding anniversary and are you looking for birthday invitation card text ideas? All you have to do is find inspiration in our humorous story templates, friendship messages, positive quotes to wish a happy birthday and the best to the concerned husband and wife or invite your friends to come party with you to celebrate the love that lasts forever.

Congratulatory Messages for Wedding Anniversary

Sample Wedding Anniversary Text to Congratulate a Couple of Friends

When love is part of the eternity of feelings, it is because the couple is based on sincerity, true loyalty and mutual respect. You are a very beautiful couple, a model for your friends, your children and those around you. Thank you for this beautiful lesson of love that you give us every day, every year that passes ..

By this message of Happy Anniversary of Marriage, I renew my wishes of happiness! May your love, your relationship, your love story grow up! Congratulations to you both and congratulations My friends! 

Friendship Anniversary Message and Poetic

Your couple is like a romantic poem. Each year is like a poetic verse that reminds us that marriage is a long journey to two that leads to the country of serenity and fulfillment. A wonderful woman, such a respectful husband is the recipe for your successful couple life. My friends Do not change anything! Stay the same, a wife and a husband who know how to find happiness in the simple things of life. 

happy marriage anniversary wishes

Your marital happiness is contagious and is good for those around you! By this congratulatory message for a wedding anniversary, I would like to tell you my joy and my pride in having you as friends. Thank you and your beautiful love story always rhymes with. I love you…

Anniversary humorous text to congratulate the bride and groom

Support each other daily, live together for the worse and better, make peace after the arguments, close the eyes to the defects of the other … Etc …

And that for many years! And dear friends … I say hat! 

This humorous message, a bit black indeed, tells you my admiration and respect for these years of marriage. 

To live so long together, one must have human qualities that few husbands and wives have. 

You are angels of love, magicians of the heart, alchemists of the life of two, a miracle of love, romantic poets who know how to conjugate the verb “to love” in all times and seasons. Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday to you both!


Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages for Party Guests

Text to invite people to a wedding anniversary

40 years ago our newlywed couple was born! Since this day of celebration, our feelings for each other have grown, transformed to fit into maturity and eternity! To celebrate this happy event, we wish to gather the people who are dear and precious to us: our friends, our family, …

You are one of those! Your presence at this party is important and meaningful to us. So you are part of the happy guests on our wedding anniversary! Looking forward to celebrate with you our happiness to two who renews each year. 

(40 years old Wedding Anniversary Emerald)

Humorous Wedding Anniversary Text for a Girlfriend or a Friend

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of marriage is a miracle of love! 

This is the wonderful happiness we will celebrate together on Saturday, May 10, 2018.

And this moment of intense joy can only celebrate and share with a friend like you (A friend like you!). 

anniversary quotes for friends

By this message of invitation we order you, young man of good family (Young girl), to be present at our beautiful romantic party, poetic and friendly! 

A wedding anniversary gift is not essential! Your mere presence is already for us a very nice gift! 

Looking forward to drinking with you to true friendship and faithful love that will last forever.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for SMS, Greeting or Invitation Card

To love oneself truly is an art that only a couple who cultivates mutual respect and understanding knows how to conjugate at all times: 

From Imperfection, through the Present, and in a perpetual future. 

Positive quote for Tin Wedding (10 years) or Porcelain (20 years)

When newlyweds become mature married, it is because the wisdom of the heart and soul has been stronger than anything. 

Happy are the married who know how to go through the trials of existence in a solidarity and a shared fraternity. 


Anniversaries of marriage are messages full of humanity that teach us that sincere love really exists. Only couples with deep feelings and wonderful qualities find the key to this eternal happiness. 

Golden Wedding (50 years) and Diamond (60 years) Quotes

There are magical and eternal loves whose beauty and longevity are a gift from Heaven. There are men and women, spouses and husbands, whose love is made of honey. The happiness of two is a romantic poetry whose lovers are the authors .

Poets of love who have only the respect of the other and the fidelity as only remains 

Small poem of wedding anniversary

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