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If you are in the beautiful stage of falling in love, surely many times a day, beautiful words are born in your heart to dedicate to your partner. Right, Taking advantage of such inspiration, we want to suggest today that you transcribe them on your Facebook wall. Have you never done it before? With more reason we encourage you to do it, you have no idea of ​​the great positive impact that this action will have on your relationship.

Love Phrases To Share On Facebook

Cheer up and write the best love affairs in the most popular social network in the world. If what you need are good and new ideas, then we invite you to take a look at the beautiful love texts to send a couple we have for you in the following lines.

Text Messages of Love to Share on Facebook:

:: “I enjoy spending so much time with you that I hope we are like cats and live, at least, six times more. I adore you, my healthy obsession. “

:: “When you come to see me I feel that the sun shines brighter, that the wind blows softer, that the birds sing prettier and that, at night, the moon is whiter and purer”.

:: “If I have your love, what else can I need to be happy? Happiness is no longer called that, but to name it and feel it, it is enough to pronounce your pretty name. “

:: “Spring, according to the calendar, left us some time ago, but thanks to you, she lives in my heart and allows the most beautiful feelings to flourish in my interior”.

:: “Love is like a wine that, once you drink, you never stop trying. You have become my addiction and, even after death, I want to quench my thirst with you.”

Romantic Dedications to Share with My Partner:

:: “You changed my life with your arrival, now I cannot stop thinking and longing to be by your side. Do not tell me what you did to my heart; just keep it that way forever. “

:: “Your love fills my life with a lot of joy and peace, thanks for sharing this beautiful feeling that grows every day more, I love you !!!”.

:: “I did not have a bad life before I met you, but you raised it to the limit, you made it perfect and irreplaceable. Now I dream that we are immortal to always be together. “

Romantic Dedications to Share with My Partner

free love poems to send:: “You are very important to me, for you I would leave everything without being affected because nothing completes my life more than your love. I want us to be one for all eternity. “

:: “I can even do without air and water if this fire of passion that surrounds us every night stays with me for an unlimited time”.

Thoughts of Love for the Man I Love:

:: “We are always embraced, maybe God will take pity on us and take us to Heaven together, so that death will not separate us”.

:: “You are my great love, with you I lack nothing, you lead me to a spiral of happiness possible only in dreams and in your arms”.

:: “Let us love as if this were the last day of humanity, as if the next minute marked the end of everything, as if nobody else existed but you and me”.

:: “Your romantic words are like a love song that I love and that I want to repeat in my ears until space and time come to an end”.

:: “Your love is the wonderful cure that my soul needed to be healed of the wounds of the past, to end the atrophy of my feelings, to give me eternal life”.

Love Texts To Send By Whatsapp:

:: “My priority is you and everything you ask me to do, I am your servant who wanted to condemn himself voluntarily to be forever tied to your love”.

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Messages of Love for Cell

With love you can achieve everything, so do not stop feeling it or expressing it. Currently, almost all people have a cell phone, so use it so that your partner is always aware of your feelings. Would not you like to send nice words full of affection to your better half?

If your answer is yes, then you are in luck because today we have for you the best love dedications to send by cell phone to be loved.

Take a look at all the love greetings written in the following lines and choose all you want to send them to your half

Sweet Words of Love for My Boyfriend:

:: “I would like to show you at least a few seconds of our future so you can prove that I will keep my promise to love you all my life.”

:: “All the painful past I had stopped persecuting me when I gave myself to your beautiful love. Now all that awaits me is a future full of pure happiness. “

Sweet Words of Love for My Boyfriend

:: “I know you are busy at this moment, but I did not want to leave another minute without telling you that it is impossible not to be more and more in love with you. I love you”.

:: “I swear that, whatever happens, I will not turn away from this path that led me to you and that leads us to a magnificent life filled with love”.

nice love messages to send:: “I wish the day had more hours, because only 24 are not enough to express how much I love you. Save this message with love, just as I keep you in my heart. “

Thoughts of Love for the Girl I Love:

:: “You are my main need, my axis of rotation, the person that gives pleasure to my life and the direction I want to follow until my time in this world runs out.”

:: “With your love, my happiness is true and complete. Do not ask me to stop thanking you for existing because it is the best thing that could have happened in the history of mankind. “

:: “When I feel your voice responding to mine I feel an indescribable ecstasy that can not be achieved in any other way. I love you with all my being, I confess it once more. “

:: “The simple things we do every day are the most valuable to me, so I ask you never to stop doing them. You have no idea how much I’m touched by one look of yours. “

:: “The joy in my heart is the fruit of this beautiful love that you have given me with such passion and truth”.

Very Nice Poems of Love to Love Every Day More To My Partner:

:: “I cannot live if I do not hear the music of your voice, if I do not drink the sweetness of your lips, if I do not feel in front of you to lose myself in your deep gaze”.

:: “Kissing you makes my heart connect to yours and can transmit to you how much I feel for you, so do not delay in coming that I want to establish a long and passionate connection with you. I love you!”.

:: “My eyes would prefer to be blind rather than observe a world where you are not, my love. Thanks for being with me I love you”.

Very Nice Poems of Love to Love Every Day More To My Partner

:: “The ability to love that I had lost is regained thanks to your true feelings. Take my heart, I do not want anyone else but you to always have it. “

:: “Being with you makes the smile on my face unforgettable. When we are together, come close to my chest and feel the in love rhythm of my heartbeat. “

Sweet Messages to Say I Love You:

:: “You have finished with my fear of love, now I can let go of all the beautiful feelings that you inspire to my soul with your kisses and caresses”.

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