Little Love Words To Send By Sms

Simple little love words that express in a great way a great love, a love of passion because feelings are shared and we must choose words to express them well.


These little words of love will give you ideas to say or write for your love…

Love is infinitely great, but the one I wear is even more so.

The sea is made to swim, the wind is made to blow and I am made to love you.

Love is just a thread; it’s up to you to make a sweater!

The woman I love, the rain does not fall on her.

The other night, the moon surprised me stealing a star; she smiled at me, because she knew it was for you my love.

Little words of love

Love is that you are for me the knife with which I dig in myself.

Love is my lifeblood and I will soon run out of gas.

The first time I saw you took my head and the second time the heart and I thank you.


The only thing that makes my life ugly is that you’re more beautiful than her.

Fire needs wood, snow from the cold and I honey from your kisses is the only one that does not make me fat.

Words of tenderness

The only place where I feel safe is when I’m in your arms.

The train of your tenderness which rolls on the rails of my esteem will reach forever the station of my heart.

Declarations of love forever are never ridiculous when accompanied by emeralds.

The roses are red, the purples are blue, the sugar is sweet and you, you are my love!


When a love is our life, what difference is there between living together or dying together?

My love has turned into a flame and this flame consumes little by little what is earthly in me.

Sweet little words

Even with a mirror, I refuse to share you.

My heart is prisoner of your love in perpetuity…

Even the biggest of the storms will not blow hard enough to stop me from loving you.

My love for you is like the universe, without limit…

My being was like an unfinished statue, Love chiseled me: I became a man!

When your eyes speak to me, it is my heart that listens to you.


My 3 wishes have come true I love you, you love me, and we love each other.

My heart has only one city of which you are the capital.

My heart is a labyrinth in which I would like you to lose yourself.

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