Funny Anniversary Wishes For Whatsapp Status with Images

As marriage is known as as the converting and most specific moment in every person’s existence, therefore, wedding anniversary is also handled as a special occasion to keep in mind the special occasions of marriage. Marriage anniversary images look like offering fascinating feelings after it is being communicated to the marriage spouses.

happy marriage anniversary quotes funny

It seem to be the prime and many important stage to be applied when, desiring to wish anybody for their marriage anniversary. This kind of images contain beautiful pictures of hearts blossoms, couples, with lovely quotes wishing for happy marriage anniversary and could some other wishes. Here, you can get many choices to pick from for marriage anniversary occasions.

Wedding Anniversary wishes is the day on which two people party their love and promises each other to be in a marriage for a long time. It’s the best day for the people to express their like to their loved once. Look for the top Anniversary images, greetings and images here. Search our excellent collection of anniversary pictures and select your preferred to send to a friend.


This day is being celebrated by the couple in the very specific way and they promise every other that they will start celebrating their anniversary till the final breath of their lifestyle. There are different traditions or way to celebrate anniversary in different parts of the world. Wedding Anniversary messages are a poignant and eloquent reminder that in marriage we are greater than the sum of my parts. 

Marriage is a so unique thing to a person who gets involved in it and makes lovely memories with their partner. Funny Wedding Anniversary the time when people look back to their sweet memories that they invest together. They simply lack the time to come up with the words to show all that they have in brain. 

That is why the anniversary is a much awaited occasion for the husband and wife. People do lots of loving things on the day of their anniversary wishes. They plan for some holiday or go for a luxurious dinner for their couple.

 It is important to show your feeling with your love because expressing your like makes your marriage stronger. In this post we have a good collection of messages and wishes for your loved one so only get a card and write lovely messages for your beautiful lover. Happy wedding Anniversary messages…


If I could go back in time I would not change marrying you for anything in the world. The children though…

Like means commitment, Of course so do most mental illnesses! Wishing you a happy wedding Anniversary

Today we party the greatest feat of any female. Dealing with me all of these years.funny-anniversary-wishes-to-husband-message-for-marriage

Anniversaries remind me that I am can annoy you again. Thanks for last 12 months giving me plenty of opportunity. For now happy anniversary wishes

Thinking of my life without you makes me think of a calm lifestyle. But that would be so boring. Happy anniversary

Thank you for standing by me all these times… if you got us in trouble. Funny wedding Anniversary wishesfunny-wedding-anniversary-poems-for-best-friendship

I am having a hard time trying to think of a reason why you put up with me all these years. I guess I will have to think harder next 12 months.

I deserve a specific gift for living with you all these years! With my guidance you kicked all others and now living happily with me, we’ll look forward for another 12 months.

Does not worry I understand you’d forget our anniversary. You’ll find a card and a present for me under the bed so you can pretend you did not. Happy anniversaryfunny-anniversary-quotes-for-boyfriend-messages

I best wish you you’ve been working so hard. Dealing with a man such as me for all these years! Happy Anniversary wishes

Opposite poles attract they say. I made that in our wedding day. I was wedded to you so as you to me and then we started our war errrr journey.

Hindsight is an amazing thing. If I’d known then what I understand now I would have married you sooner. Happy anniversary messagesfunny-anniversary-quotes-for-parents-from-daughter-pictures

Some things are not meant to be and others not meant to final. Then again we have always loved defying the odds. Happy anniversary

I would not have stayed married all this time if I could remember how to do the laundry for my single days. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever understand how to in the first place.happy-anniversary-images-and-quotes-messages