1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes For My Husband from Wife

Happy 1st Anniversary Wishes for Husband Celebrate your first wedding anniversary by flooding your hubby’s Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter and cell phone with lovely texts, romantic Love quotes, funny notes and sweet greetings. Don’t merely say I Love You when you wake up in the morning. Write heartfelt information on a handmade card and sneakily put it within his pockets. He’ll get the greatest surprise when he puts his hands inside. You may not understand this right now but you will dearly miss these 1st couple of years of your marriage once the obligations of children and mortgage heave onto your shoulders. Enjoy every and every moment of this special day. Make sure that this landmark celebration becomes a gorgeous memory which you can cherish for a life time.


The first 12 months of our married lives was exquisite and so will be the ones to come. I understand that when you are with me the life will be nothing but wonderful. Happy wedding anniversary

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The last one 12 months of our marriage has been the most best and flawless year in my whole lifestyle all thanks to a amazing man who I loving call my husband. Happy 1st anniversary wishes

The first year of our relationship was full of exciting twists and turns and some unexpected ups and lows. In little it was the best roller coaster ride ever. Happy first anniversary handsomepaper-anniversary-gifts-for-him-with-beautiful-quotesNot for a one moment, has our relationship been in a lull. With you close to, not even a single day has been dull. I wish life continues to be blissful in the same method, as our romance intensifies… day after day. Happy anniversary…

It may have only been a 12 months since we got married but it feels such as I have I have been with you for a lifetime. I hope our married lives usually remain so beautiful and serene. Happy anniversary

I thought that our Wedding Day would be the perfect day of my lifestyle but I was wrong… with you by my part it’s Every Day. Happy 1st anniversaryfirst-year-anniversary-gifts-for-her-paper

Days months and years nothing to me… because you’re like has really set me free. Happy anniversary

Our first wedding anniversary marks the 1st milestone of many other romantic ones that we are yet to experience in our shining married lives. Happy anniversary Wishes

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Today is by far the loveliest day in my lifestyle. But I understand that many more such beautiful moments lie ahead in our lives as couple Happy 1st anniversary wishes Pictures1st-anniversary-gift-ideas-for-couples-and-quotes-pictures

I could feel my heart beating faster when I woke up now morning. It had to be, because today is the 1st anniversary of our wedding. I love you my wife.

I have never seen you happier in your lifestyle and I would such as to believe that the reason for your happiness is me. Happy anniversary!

In the 1st year of our marriage life has given me a crash course on how to be happily immersed in the beauty of love. I love you happy first anniversary.1st-wedding-anniversary-quotes-and-wallpapersWith the rate at which we are making priceless memories we’ll require at least a husband and wife of more lifetimes to let them soak in. Happy 1st anniversary!

Over the last one year I have understand that marriage is not just about like hugs and cuddles but it is also about fights and arguments. But even fighting and arguing with a lovely husband such as you… feels like a awesome thing to do. Happy 1st anniversary…

I do not think I’ll ever want a vacation because every day of our lifestyle feels like a honeymoon. Happy first anniversary messages…1st-love-anniversary-wallpapers-with-quotes-and-sayingsIf the first 12 months of marriage is supposed to be a telltale sign of how the rest of a couple’s life is going to be ours is going to be beautiful and cute. Happy anniversary I love you for husband.

Our first anniversary is such as a delicious starter in the elaborate menu of the rest of our lives. Wish you a yummy one!

For some take ages to find real happiness! I found mine in only one year. Happy first anniversary sweetheart…love-anniversary-photo-for-facebook-friends